Extraordinary Skin With The Ordinary

Stop feeling intimidated & overwhelmed, design your holy grail routine in < 45 minutes, get skin which has you feeling awesome makeupless.

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You want to feel confident enough to not have to wear a full face of makeup wherever you go. I get it.

You want skin that already looks radiant and glowing.

You want makeup to be a choice not a necessity to feel confident.

I have a secret I think you might already be in on.

The right skincare can help you get here. But not all skincare works. Yikes right.

Here's the deal.

For skincare to work, to get you makeupless skin you love, it needs to have active ingredients in proven concentrations.

Most budget skincare is way too weak.

The Ordinary is different, it's a game-changer and so worthy of its hype - it's budget prices and it's potent (and p.s. you can absolutely use it on sensitive skin - you just have to choose the right serums).

But wowser The Ordinary is intimidating... at first.

Go in blind, without a guide and you'll be leaving;

  • Mind-boggled by words like Matrixyl, Argireline and Ascorbyl Glucoside
  • Overwhelmed by pH levels plus how to mix & order them
  • Clueless which magic sounding serums/oils are best for you
  • Fearful about peeling skin, chemical burns and radioactive redness
  • Worried and afraid The Ordinary could hurt your skin
  • Utterly confused about what's safe to use everyday - and so you just end up not using it/or worse, buying everything and then not using it

Reading blog after blog about The Ordinary skincare is likely leaving you more daunted than before.

Your head is spinning and you just want help.


"I read blogs and blogs, even chatted with the Ordinary online. After 2 months of mediocre results, and considering buying more products, I decided to take your course.

I am so happy I did! I would’ve wasted more money buying more products I really didn’t need.

And even with the products I do have, this course showed me a better way and time (AM/PM) to use them.

It’s only been a few days and I already see a difference. Plus I feel much more confident knowing I’m using the products correctly. It’s also a bonus to refer back to the course whenever I need a refresher! I will recommend to all my friends! Thank you!’ 😃

- Monica Freeman, New York, USA

The Ordinary skincare can help get you skin you feel awesome in makeupless.

I've experienced it.

I've witnessed it.

And I've helped hundreds of ladies see real-life results, first hand.

Here's what they've come back to tell me - in their own words;

"My dark circles are pretty much gone, my fine lines appear to be less obvious now too! I'm so pleased."

- Antonia Hayward, UK

"3 months later my skin is so much happier than it’s ever been. I can’t believe how much the texture of my skin has improved in just a few months."

- Mel McVay, Kentucky, US

"My skin looks better! I feel that my skin has more collagen and feels stronger than before."

- Sara A, Switzerland

"I’ve definitely noticed an improvement my skin is so much clearer, more hydrated and I have far less breakouts. And my fine lines are less noticeable which makes me very happy!"

- Liane Hodges, Norfolk, UK

"Some very 'ingrained' red marks have faded. Pores are more clear. Skin is softer and brighter"

- Naomi Coldham, Manchester, UK

"My skin is nicely moisturized now, no dryness, Even in the morning, my face is still dewy. The TO products have also reduced my redness and didn’t cause any breakouts. I’ve had no breakouts since I started Cheryl’s skin care regimen. She's a wonderful resource for facial skincare. I’ll continue to follow her program ! Very pleased ❤️"

- Gail Tutko, USA

"I feel confident enough to go out without makeup and friends and family have complimented my skin without being aware that I’m trying to improve it :-) I also came out of four crazy long haul flights in a much better skin-shape than normal! I feel like I’m well hydrated and that my skin tone is getting more even with less acne"

- Marielle Bostrom

"My [sensitive] skin is no longer dry and flaky, and is smoother!”

- Amy Pierce, Washington, USA

"My spots are probably the best they have ever been, my face is definitley a lot clearer."

- Gemma Tweddell, UK

Spoiler alert.

To get results like these you don't have to waste valuable time doing a TON of online research.

Or risk using the wrong products and getting chemical burns or breakouts.

Or sink your bank account >£60/$60 buying everything The Ordinary - in fact there are some serums I never recommend you buy.

"I was feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of skin care out there on the market and was interested in The Ordinary brand but had no idea where to begin.

Cheryl made it very easy for me to choose the right products for my ultra sensitive skin and target the areas I needed like anti-aging and pigmentation. I've only been following what I've learned in her course for 3 weeks but I can already see a huge difference! I can't wait to see what my skin will look like in 3 months or 6 months!"

- Katie Richard, New Brunswick, Canada

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“I found your course really useful, thank you. Your explanations about which products to use and in what order, have been invaluable in helping me to figure out an affordable skincare routine that helps my skin feel consistently clean, healthy and protected.

The biggest positive change I have noticed has been that when I get an acne spot, it has much less redness around it, it is less painful and heals up much more quickly with less scarring.”

- Eleanor Scott

“I’m almost 40 and I’ve never had a skincare routine. I always felt I never knew what to use or why I was using it.

When I was referred to the Ordinary I was excited about the price point but discouraged the more I researched and started seeing so many products and rules. I saw your course and thought I’d give it a try.

I watched it straight through and printed out the worksheets you provided to help build a routine specific for my skincare needs. It cleared up all the confusion I had and made it simple. I was able to understand what I was using and why in a language I could understand. I now enjoy taking care of my skin because I feel like there’s a purpose behind what I’m doing. Thank you for helping me get started with my skincare journey.”

- Amy Aagaard, Florida, US

Your Instructor

Cheryl Woodman MChem
Cheryl Woodman MChem

Hey there my friend, how are you doing?

I'm Cheryl, a scientist, skincare expert and award winning skincare formulator. My work has been featured in glossy press, The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Style, Which? travel and more. And since 2015 it's been my mission to help you get healthier, happier skin you feel fantastic in.

My half English blood blushes as I write this to you, however I want you to know I'm the real deal. The help you're about to find here is scientifically supported and based on fact meaning it has hyper potential to get you makeupless skin you love.

So how do you get makeupless skin you love with The Ordinary?

So glad you asked ;)

Here's the deal, you need to stop bouncing around from blog to blog and instead follow a simple, step-by-step, laid out for you, can't go wrong (don't need a science degree) method.

This method I'm about to teach you helps you;

  1. Banish The Ordinary overwhelm
  2. Design your holy grail The Ordinary skincare routine
  3. Start using skincare with huge potential to have you feeling awesome makeupless

And it does all of this in less time than it takes to bake chocolate chip cookies ;)

A The Ordinary speed training you get instant access to today.

My SkinCoachees have seen amazing results.

And I'm about to help you get them too.

"I just wanted to say thank you. My skin looks better, feels better and doesn't feel tight anymore."

- Amber Stirling, West Virginia, US

"The biggest change that I’ve seen in my skin is in acne. I just get the occasional spot around my chin. Very happy!”

- Carrissa Lloyd, Hannover, Germany

"I am really impressed looking at the old picture and seeing how much pigmentation I already had and this summer I am not really affected... my fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead are also better and also around the eye area I can see a change."

- Karin Waltenberger, Austria

Welcome to Extraordinary Skin With The Ordinary

Watch this video to find out more;

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"My skin is smoother and less prone to redness. It feels much more hydrated as well.... even the amount of blemishes I got previously has decreased significantly. I always thought I had very sensitive skin, and I introduced each new product slowly to make sure I didn't have a reaction to it. My skin happily accepted each product! "

- Jennifer Pangalangan Broussard, Alaska, US

"I’ve begun to notice that my pores seem to appear less noticeable... my skin’s overall appearance seems to be looking more evenly colored."

- Sheila Varga, US

In this speed training you're about to follow my step-by-step, no-fail, secret method to creating a The Ordinary skincare routine with maximum potential to get you feeling awesome makeupless.

Along the way you're going to discover;

  • How to help prevent and heal your #1 skin concerns - i.e. minimise pore size, breakouts, signs of ageing
  • Which The Ordinary serums could make your unique skin concerns worse - aka which serums I never recommend you use
  • The new, non-negotiable 3-step skincare routine to makeupless skin you love
  • How to order and mix your best AM & PM routine for maximum, visible results
  • How to avoid peeling, burning and red skin breakouts - aka how to tell if a serum's too strong BEFORE buying
  • How to prevent overloading & clogging of your skin
  • Confidence that the serums you're using are good for you
  • The completely overlooked secret to getting rid of dark under eye circles, psst, it's not caffeine serum
  • And way, way more

Eek, sounds good right?

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When does Extraordinary Skin With The Ordinary start and finish?
It starts as soon as you enrol and never ends! It's a completely self-paced online course you have lifetime access to from today - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I'm unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me at [email protected] in the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.

What are you waiting for my friend?

You're about to get back hours of web searching aka more time to bake chocolate chip cookies 😋

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